A-PASS 6 Features

Cruise ships offer pleasure voyages all around the world. The size of today's ships provide great amenities to allow great experiences. While sailing on a voyage, a ship will visit various ports with immigration requirements, likewise when a ship is ready to depart, accountability of all souls onboard is an absolute requirement. Ships are essentially moving cities, with crew members, passengers and visitors may add upwards of 6,000 people onboard a ship within any given day. However, the challenge of credentialing, identifying, and tracking all the people onboard a ship is correlated with the size of the ship.


A-PASS mobile modules are designed to run on Google Android for security, scalabiilty, and performance.


Insert barcodes (i.e., Code 128) into badge to read entry and exit activity.


Capture full color pictures of passengers, crew memebers, visitors and retrieve as they enter and exit the ship.


Monitor gangway activity from the ships bridge. Real-time status display of all mustering and tendering activity.


Configure flags to person records as they enter and exit the ship.

Medical Codes

Abity to apply international medical codes to passenfers for real-time triage tracking. Track passengers who require assistance to board and disembark the ship.

Off-Line Mode

Off-line mode for emergency situations where the network is not available. Synchronization is automatic when network becomes available.


Control user access with group permissions and define your password policy.Flexible policies make it easy to assign different permissions for different users.

Print Passes

printer allows you to print adhesive and non-adhesive backed badges. They can be outfitted with a variety of colors or custom preprinted backgrounds. It uses thermal technology to print, which means no need for cartridges.

Relational SQL Database

A-PASS database is designed to run on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Database for security, scalabiilty, and performance.

Solas Reporting

Quickly generate Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) reports before departing.

Validate PAX and Crew

Wihtin seconds, reads information encoded in the magstripe and barcodes of state and provincial driver’s license, authorized identification cards and military ID’s.

2020 Trade Shows and Events

Tradeshow and Event FAST-PASS 7 and A-PASS

International Security Conference (ISC) West

ISC West is THE largest converged security industry trade show in the U.S. At ISC West, you will have the chance to network with over 30,000 security professionals through New Products & Technologies encompassing everything from access control to drones & robotics from over 1,000 Exhibitors & Brands.

Tradeshow and Event FAST-PASS 7 and A-PASS

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), Phoenix Arizona

IAHSS is the only organization solely dedicated to professionals involved in managing and directing security and safety programs in healthcare facilities. IAHSS is a professional association with more than 2,000 members who are healthcare security, law enforcement, safety and emergency management leaders.

Tradeshow and Event FAST-PASS 7 and A-PASS

International Security Conference (ISC) EAST

The International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC East – is the Northeast’s largest security trade show. 7,500+ security and public safety professionals convene in New York each year to meet experts from over 350 leading security brands.